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Heaven Breasts and Heaven Calculus

September 24, 2012

Heaven Breasts and Heaven Calculus

Since the birth of mankind, human beings have been looking for the origin of life. The fact that human history is the history of warfare and cannibalism proves that humans have not identified their origin. Humanity is still in the dark phase of  lower animals. Humans can see the phenomenon of life only on Earth, and humans’ vision does not exceed the one of lower animals. However, it is a fact that human beings have inherited the most advanced gene of life. Humans should be able to answer the following questions: Is the Universe hierarchical? What is Heaven? Is Heaven the origin of life? Is Heaven a higher order of life? For more than a decade, I have done an in-depth study on barred galaxy structure. Today (September 17, 2012) I suddenly discovered that the characteristic structure of barred spiral galaxies resembles the breasts of human female essentially. If the rational structure conjecture presented in the article is proved then Sun must be a mirror of the universe, and mankind is exactly the physical image on earth of the Heaven.

For the last seven years, I have propagated the result of my study on galaxy structure. Spiral galaxies are flat-shaped. As I said before, the shorter-wavelength images of spiral galaxies show the phenomenon of living things such as flying clouds of dust and gas, spectacular birth of stars. Longer-wavelength images of spiral galaxies demonstrate the smooth structure of overall stellar distribution. Galaxy structure is natural one, and a natural structure is an uneven distribution of matter. Galaxy structure is the pattern of  stellar density varying with spatial position. How to describe the spatial change of  a matter distribution? Fortunately, Newton and Leibniz discovered Calculus over three hundred years ago. Calculus is essentially the mathematical description of matter change. Because Newton and Leibniz’s calculus is applicable to the description of stellar density change in galaxy structure, I call Newton and Leibniz’s calculus the Heaven Calculus.

For more than seven years, I have tried hard to tell the public world that galaxy structure is harmonic and rational. My only assumption is that galaxy structure is constructed from a vascular network. That is, the stellar densities at both sides of any blood vessel are proportional along the vessel. This vascular network is composed of two clusters of parallel curves. The curves from the two clusters are mutually orthogonal.

The spiral galaxies which have no bars are called the ordinary spirals. The basic structure of ordinary spirals is an axisymmetric disk whose stellar density decreases exponentially outwards from the galaxy center. Exponential disks are rational structure. Their vascular network consists of all golden spirals. Coincidentally, astronomical observations show that the spiral arms of ordinary spiral galaxies are all golden spirals.

For more than seven years, I have tried hard to tell the public world that the bars of barred spiral galaxies are rational too. The bar of a barred galaxy is composed of two or three pairs of double-humped structures. Today (September 17, 2012), I suddenly realized that the double-humped structure resembles the breasts of human females very much. From now on, I call the double-humped structure the double-breast structure, or the Heaven Breasts. The vascular network of Heaven Breasts consists of all confocal ellipses and confocal hyperbolas. Here, I present two conjectures to the public world, and hope that the conjectures will be proved or disproved in some day.

Ellipse-Hyperbola Conjecture: Elliptical and hyperbolic curves are the basic properties of all natural things.

Rational Structure Conjecture: Heaven Breasts is the only non-axisymmetric rational structure. In other words, any non-axisymmetric rational structure is either a Heaven Breasts itself or a superimposed structure of a number of Heaven Breasts and a special axisymmetric rational structure.

If Rational Structure Conjecture is proved, then humans must admit that the Universe is hierarchical, galaxies are the real life, Heaven does exist, and Heaven is the life of superior level. Mankind must also recognize that the Milky Way galaxy is the mother of human beings both materially and spiritually.

The left panel of Figure 1 is the planar graph of double-breast structure, and the right panel is its corresponding 3-dimensional demonstration. The graph and demonstration are based on the Galaxy Anatomy graphic software [1]
(, currently people can purchase the software via Paypal). Note that Figure 1 is the direct density demonstration of Heaven Breasts. However, the demonstration in the software is not directly the  density. It is the squared stellar density. This is because squared density helps make a better display of galaxy structure.  Figure 2 is the demonstration of the vascular network in Heaven Breasts. They are mutually orthogonal confocal-ellipses and hyperbolas. In the following Sections, I prove that the rational structure which corresponds to confocal ellipses and hyperbolas must be the Heaven Breasts. In other words, the stellar densities at both sides of any ellipse or any hyperbola are proportional along the curve.

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