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What is General Relativity?

August 21, 2012

The name of General Relativity is really confusing! In fact, it is a theory of gravity.

Although gravity is felt everyday by human beings, it can not be testified as deeply as electricity. The gravity between two protons is


times weaker than the electricity between the same two protons, where there are 40 zeros. Now you can understand that humans’ knowledge of gravity is very little. Therefore, Dr. Jin He says that gravity is the spirit of everything including human beings, and no scientists have by now stood out to challenge Dr. He’s claim. 

General Relativity is very simple. It is equivalent to one sentence:

There exists one and only one local inertial reference frame at any point of a spacetime manifold.

This is similar to the situation that

There exists one and only one local tangent plane at any point of a surface.

Why did Einstein call his theory of gravity the General Relativity? This is because the above-said local inertial reference frame is described by his special theory of relativity!

Newton’s relativity is that, inside the absolute space and the absolute time both given by God,  any particle keeps its state of stillness or straight motion at constant speed if the particle suffers zero net force. Common people solves physical motion by taking time t as the standard of variance. That is OK. 

Einstein’s Special Relativity is the similar to Newton’s relativity. But there are two differences. Firstly, Einstein considered space and time equally, and took some parameter p as the standard of variance, not time t. Secondly, the  4-dimensional spacetime is ‘hyperbolic’, not ‘elliptical’.

However, God created the stable universe! Human beings are stable. Gardens and pets are stable. If there was no stability, there would be no ordering, and the world would be chaotic.

Both Newton’s Relativity and Einstein’s Special Relativity deal with relative motion. They are not the theories of stability. They do not know the origin of stability.

It is true that our humans’ stability is bacause of Earth’s gravity, Earth’s stability is bacause of Sun’s gravity, and Sun’ stability is bacause of the Milky Way’s gravity.

However, where is the origin of  the Milky Way’s stability?? Your Cosmology assumes that the universe is homogeneous. That means that you failed the explanation to the stability of  the Milky Way galaxy and all other galaxies!!

See my article [1]:

“The universe is full of materials most of which are galaxies. Observations show that the materials are uniformly distributed at large scales. They move with respect to each other. Today’s Big Bang cosmology is based on the assumption that the motion have no absolute reference. If there were no absolute reference then the universe would be unknowable and there would be no law in the observational data about the large-scale universe. However, several years after Einstein had proposed his general relativity and cosmology, Hubble discovered an important law about the universe, called the Hubble redshift law. It says that distant galaxies issue redshifted spectra which are proportional to their respective distances from earth. Big Bang cosmology assumes that galaxies ran away from us and the expansion led to the redshifts as runaway trains give the static audience the sound waves of weaker frequencies. However, if there were no convergent movement among the distant galaxies then some galaxies would move towards the earth at fantastic speeds. The speeds would be so large that they would overwhelm the expansion and hit the earth directly. In that case, the galaxies would issue blueshifted spectra rather than redshifted ones. However, distant galaxies always present redshifted spectra and the redshifts are proportional to their distances from Earth.”


[1]  He J. viXra:1101.0077



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